About the Project

A celebration of diversity within queer culture, set in the Big Mango, Queers of Bangkok aims to increase the visibility of queer women by exploring the visual depiction of queerness and the variety of identities that exist within it. Queers of Bangkok aims to open a space to explore different personalities and people that come under the queer umbrella and empower women to be who they are comfortable being, with pride, without needing to be attached to a pre-defined label or align to a specific stereotype.

Participants were captured in different locations, chosen by themselves, around Bangkok, to celebrate that queer is one part of each individual’s multi layered make up and queer women are present, but lack visibility, in many different parts of society. Queers of Bangkok is an on going project to explore diversity of gender and sexual orientation, and will continue to capture the beauty of queer souls and share their images in the Q gallery on queermango.com. If you are interested in becoming a queer of Bangkok, write to me at ali@queermango.com and be sure to include a place in town, which tells a part of your story, that defines a part of your personality or a place you love to be yourself.