Behind QueerMango website is a bunch of awesome queer women
coming from different backgrounds and cultures
and with a passion and commitment to sharing all that is queer.

What we hope to do

QueerMango aims to be a bridge that connects women of queer culture including anyone on the spectrum of LBTQ+, who are living or passing through Thailand and Asia. By highlighting issues and news within queer politics and society, it is our ambition to push forward and become more than just another travel or events reporter website.

Why is there a need for QueerMango?

We noticed that, although there is a strong presence of gay culture with regards to men in Bangkok, information about events, the community and news for lesbian, bi, trans and queer women was lacking. From this sense of detachment, we felt the urgency to create a hub of news, events and opinions that bring together a community of queer cultures within the region.

Meet the Manguette


Restlessly moving, queering and mangoeing around. Loving girrrlz, tech, online marketing, feminism, travel and adrenalin pumping sports. She’s the Co-Founder of QueerMango.



Apart from the time pinging between interaction design and contemporary art, zhe is mostly daydreaming of randomness; from wild berries to rice cooker, Sophie Calle to Sara Ahmed, mansplaning to alpha-female or Lego to prinsesstårta! zhe’s also QueerMango Co-Founder.



Photo snapping, tree hugging, fire building queer monkey with a curiosity for the world and a passion for hearing stories from the beautiful people in it. Educator by trade, photographer by project and a believer that knowledge is power, anything is possible and you really should be the change you wish to see in the world.



Recipe: “Be daring, be DIFFERENT, be impractical. Be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the slaves of ordinary.”* Add a heavy dose of sport, a splash of Indie music and a lot of travel and you will have the perfect Mango Max recipe! Try it!

Dominic Zeier



Born and raised in Bangkok, M.M. is the graphic art ninja made famous by her design of the QueerMango logo. Usually found experimenting with colour or on escapades into the unknown landscape of the Big Mango.


Elli is an alias taken after a video game character that she successfully wooed and fell in love with at the age of 9 in the game Harvest Moon. This fact should already say quite a lot about her, but if you need more: she loves her girlfriend, she sweats a lot, she gets excited about vegan food and her Instagram feed mostly consists of her cats.



Faz is currently living the sweet life in Bangkok with a gorgeous girl, two quirky rescue cats and an ever-changing stack of novels. She is also flexible with the pronouns: she/her/they/their.


Feminist-activist in continuous search of why this world stubbornly misses the chance to enjoy colourful and queering diversities.


I can’t explain and I won’t even try”. A simple yet accurate description of the inner workings of Nat’s busy mind. She consistently changes her mind, but she’s dedicated to her trail mix and dragonfruit addiction, cats, podcasts and talk radio.

Jensen QueerMango team


A Writer, Reader, Dreamer, Vegan, Explorer with itchy feet. Addicted to anything geek related, they can usually be found planning their next adventure or chilling out with a book, their journal and a cup of coffee. Jensen strongly believes that kindness and empathy are the keys to happiness and peace, but we must cultivate them in ourselves first before we expect them in others.


Amateur writer with a love for film, coffee, food, photography, books, dogs, and horse riding (not necessarily in that order). She currently lives in London with her girlfriend and often misses the sunshine back home.

Tamm QueerMango team


Passionate, confident, compassionate, queer girl with dreams and goals. When she’s not travelling the world and meeting new people, she likes to sit down with a cup of tea after a tough workout and write code to make the world a better place.