*Photos on 4 queer friendly podcasts article are courtesy of the podcast websites, especially The Heart.

I am a total podcast junkie. I listen while I grocery shop, run, clean the house and sometimes I sneak away from my girlfriend and 2 cats for a few hours, just to get that spoken word fix. If you don’t think it’s something you could get into, I beg to differ and ask you to try!

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Here are my favorite 4 queer friendly podcasts.

1. RISK!

Risk is a live show and podcast. Hosted by Kevin Alison, an outrageously charismatic man who will have you giggling at the sound of his voice to his oddly entertaining ads. The podcast is filled with people sharing their stories where they once took a risk. This podcast will make you feel all the feels.
Find it on iTunes or check out the website.

Risk! 4 Queer Friendly Podcasts


The Heart started out as a audio art project about intimacy and humanity. It then spun into its own podcast hosted by Kaitlin Press and Mitra Kaboli. This podcast touches on everything from gender, sexuality, romance and fantasy. The best part about The Heart is that it’s a performance, every sound is intentional to help you fully immerse yourself in the story.

I highly recommend starting with Riis Park or How To Be A Princess (both are season 1). Be open with this podcast, because it’s truly something special.

Find it on iTunes or at their website.

The Heart 4 Queer Friendly Podcasts


Okay, sometimes I need to listen to music. Homoground is my go to podcast for tunes. Not only is the music awesome, the podcast is dedicated to promoting queer visibility. Win-win I say!
I suggest listening to the latest episode you can find on iTunes or their website.

Homoground 4 Queer Friendly Podcasts


If you haven’t heard of these Queens yet, don’t worry there is still time to join in. Be ready to binge listen to this podcast because it is hilarious. Jessica William and Phoebe Robinson are stand up comedians that share the stage with other storytellers for 2 Dope Queens.

Their humour is focused on feminism, race, gender and finding their place as young women in NYC. Again, you can find these ladies on iTunes or on their website.

2 Dope Queens 4 Queer Friendly Podcasts

Let me know your favorite queer friendly podcasts, if you like one of these I suggested or if I missed any other fundamental queer podcast by commenting here below or by writing me also via email.

Happy listening!


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