*Photo credit: Sing Sing Theater

It’s in Bangkok since few weeks now, so finally we are going to talk a little about Strange Sisters weekly party, the new appointment for lesbian and queer girls in town.

We talked about their premier party in our previous article, and now we want to dig in to the topic again.

Curated by Go Grrrls, Strange Sisters weekly party aims to create the variety of queer/lesbian culture in Bangkok and support the unity of queer culture worldwide. This party also has the aim to bringing voice of the open-minded group of queer people who share a passion for music, art and fashion.

What it does is introducing, in a city where there are no lesbian or queer girls bars, a periodical party and meeting place for all you ladies in need of girl-on-girl entertainment.

As much beautiful this could sound, we are a little torn about it. Although it is curated and managed by Go Grrrls, our favorite queer all-girls DJ crew in Bangkok, we have to put a disclaimer on the fact that the place where the party is placed is not a completely queer-friendly place.
Sing Sing Theater, despite the beautiful interior decoration, it carries the atmosphere of the gentlemen club and orientalism. If you are a big fan of decolonization this probably not the place you might like as it is almost a reconstruct of the dreamscape theme of Shanghai under the British empire. Besides that, let’s say that generally the people sipping cocktails at the bar and the girls hanging from the ceiling in sexy dresses do not build up the queer-friendly atmosphere we usually like.
We truly hope this weekly dose of queerness will help Sing Sing to become less etero-centric and more gender-fluid.

This raises also the question about :what it is to be considered queer and what queer means? It’s a queer event anything concerning gay(ish) people having fun? For us it is more complicated than that, because of all the complications that the use of the word queer brings. We invite you to read our thoughts about it in this page and let us know what you think about it.

Nevertheless, if you want a place where to dance good music and hang out with a bunch of queer girls, Strange Sisters weekly party is the event for you!

Expect hip-hop, disco, electro, rock and pop vibes to queer up your mid-week drink and dance night out.

Where: Sing Sing Theater, Sukhumvit soi 45, Bangkok
When: Every Wednesdays- from 9:30 pm till 2 am
Price: free entry
Near: BTS Ekkamai / BTS Thong Lor

More info and events schedule on this page on on this page

Queerometer: 2.5/5 torn score because the party is definitely queer girl friendly, but the place where the party is set it isn’t.