*Photo credit: Strange Sisters

Attention ladies and queens, this is an important moment in the history of Bangkok’s queer life: Strange Sisters, a new weekly party for queer women, is debuting in town!

Strange Sisters will be premiering at Sing Sing Theater this 12 October and you are all invited to go. Moreover, the party will take place every Wednesday, with a different chapter curated by Go Grrrls, so you will have all your queer mid-weeks filled out. Are you excited yet? We are (just look at the party image!)

Stranger Sister is promising to be a rendezvous night for all queer sisters and brothers to share the passion and wild spirit for one of the most wicked nights to remember. Every Wednesday it will be a chapter featuring Go Grrrls DJs and their special guest performance for your eyeing and dancing pleasure.

The premier night will capture the liberated world of queer girls with the diversity sound of Disco / Electro / Rock / HipHop & Queer-Pop to keep the dancefloor on fire.

Strange Sisters’ sibilance is promising to present the liberated and vivacious world for ferocious queer women in Bangkok – and we are all looking forward to that!

Where: Sing Sing Theater, Sukhumvit soi 45, Bangkok
When: Wednesday October 12th 2016 – from 9:00 pm till 3 am
Price: Free entry
Near: BTS Ekkamai / BTS Thong Lor

More info and events schedule on their page

Queerometer: 4/5 all girls DJ crew for a queer women weekly party? Hell yeah, Sisters!