*Photo from Pizza Pala, photo credit: Elli & Faz.

Elli: Let’s talk about something super fun… vegan pizza!

Faz: A lot of people think vegan pizza is absolute heresy. But I learnt differently in 2015, when one of the most famous pizza chains in Sydney became completely vegan.

Apparently, some of the oldest forms of pizza had no cheese, such as pizza marinara, which consists of a pizza base topped with a flavourful sauce of tomato, oregano, olive oil and garlic.

Elli: Today we’re actually not going to be looking at a vegan restaurant, but a very non-vegan pizzeria that happens to have great vegan options on the menu – Pala Pizza Romana.

Faz: Pala Pizza Romana is conveniently located at the junction of the Sukhumvit MRT stop and Asoke BTS, near the ground floor of Terminal 21.

Elli: This place is great if you want a vegan snack on the go, because they have both a restaurant and pizza bar where you can order by slice.

Faz: And their marinara slices are absolutely fantastic. That’s the first thing we ordered today when we sat down to eat.

Elli: For a pricier pizza chain, the vegan options are also the least expensive, with marinana pizza the cheapest at 45 baht for a large slice slice.

Faz: We’ve known this place was certified delicious for a long time. In fact, I’ve a meter-long pizza for parties with people of all age ranges – from pre-teens to adults – and all have said it is amazing.

Elli: There’s something about the tomato sauce that makes this pizza more delicious than any other pizza I’ve had in Bangkok.

Faz: Or, in fact, anywhere.

Best (Vegan) Pizza in Bangkok: Pala Pizza Romana Review
Best (Vegan) Pizza in Bangkok: Pala Pizza Romana Review

Elli: Add to that the flavourful garlic cloves and great seasoning, and you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome slice o’ pizza. Usually I’d be content with two, but today I had four slices!

Faz: Most of their salad options are vegan as well, so we ordered the orzo salad. It was not as expensive as the meat and cheese mains, but not cheap for Bangkok, either. Elli, what did you think of the salad?

Elli: I only had a small bite, but from what I could taste it was okay, but not something I’d seek out like their pizza.

Faz: Me too. The salad had bits of orange and raisins, which should have balanced out the neutral flavors of the orzo, but the entire thing felt a little like eating a slightly bland, dry soup.

Elli: For dessert we had the lemon sorbet, which was the only vegan option on the dessert menu, other than a gluten free almond cake which felt like it’d be too heavy after our huge meal. It was nice and fresh, but also nothing out of the ordinary. Cute presentation, though.

Faz: Agreed, this is definitely somewhere you just go for fresh pizza. And, honestly? That’s enough. I’ve had marinara pizzas at a lot of places, and they are usually unsuccessful. But there’s something about the crust and sauce, with the creamy pieces of garlic, that is just so delicious.

Elli: I appreciated how the menu was labeled – you could clearly see the vegan options without having to ask. Though it would be great if they could do the same with their desserts.

Faz: Ah, I’m very satisfied after my meal. If only they would make vegan tiramisu… though then again, I’d probably have to start camping out there if they did that.

Elli: Faz, we need to talk about the queer friendliness of the place. Honestly, out of all the places we’ve reviewed, this is the less ‘counter culture’.

Faz: Yeah, the tables are also really squished together. You can hear every conversation around you. Not only was it kind of unpleasant to eat next to heaping plates of meat and cheese as a vegan, but the lack of space and bright lighting made me feel kind of exposed, which isn’t always great when you’re queer.

Elli: I felt like people looked at us weirdly when it was obvious we were a gay couple.

Faz: Yeah… so maybe it’s better to get the pizza to go!

Veganometer: 2.5/5 – it’s mostly a meat and cheese menu, which would usually land a restaurant a ‘0’, but the marinana pizza and clearly labeled vegan options are totally worth going.

Queerometer: 1/5 – there’s nothing queer about this place….

Where: Sukhumvit Platform (BTS Asoke link to MRT), Bangkok
When: Open daily
Near: BTS Asoke, MRT Sukhumvit

More info on their page