*Photo credit: Go Grrrls

Do you remember the 90s? When there was no internet, no VR glass and no smartphones? When you actually had to call people at home, and you hooked up offline and not by using an app? Do you remember when  Windows 95 was the best, you rented VHS tapes, and you were making mixtapes on cassettes for your BFFs?

If you replied yes to all of these, congratulations: you’re a 90s bitch and the next Go Grrrls party is definitely for you!

Let’s party as it was 1999 with all the best of the 90’s with our fav queer-girls DJ crew in Bangkok.

Where: Dark Bar x Light Room, Ekkamai Soi 10, Bangkok
When: August 5th 2016 – from 9:30 pm till 2:30 am
Price: 200 Baht entry + Sticker
Near: BTS Ekkamai

More info and events schedule on their page

Queerometer: 4/5 because we are 90’s bitches!