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Finally it’s here: the second edition of the Bangkok Gay and Lesbian Film Festival returns this year with 12 LGBT movies to fill up your queer agenda this 10-19 June.

The one and only Gay and Lesbian Film Festival of Bangkok, organized by the Attitude Magazine, comes back into town with a 10-days screening selection of some international and Asian centered gay, trans and lesbian movies. This year edition, called “Love Wins”, will be hosted by Quartier Cineart, EmQuartier.

All the movies are subtitled in English and Thai and the tickets for screenings start at 160 baht; find the full schedule below.

Meanwhile you decide which day dedicate to your favourite queer screening, we tell you which movie are worth it to watch- and how to get the chance to watch them for free.

La Belle Saison (Summertime) (French / Belgium, 2015)

Summertime is a emotional drama full passion and politics between two women living and loving each other in France during the 1970. Delphine is a country girl from a small town in French, and when she moves to Paris she get the chance to meet the growing feminist movement and discovering love, and girls love, for the first time. Winner of Piazza Grande award at Locarno International Film Festival 2015, La Belle Saison is definitely something you don’t wanna miss from the Bangkok Gay and Lesbian Film Festival…especially because it’s the only one focused on lesbians!


Saturday 11 June at 11:30 AM

Wednesday 15 June at 9:30 PM

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Closet Monster (Canada, 2015)

Closet Monster is an emotional drama about a creative teenager, discovering his sexuality, who uses his imagination to deal with his sense of isolation meanwhile is trying to escape from his hometown.

We recommend to go and watch this movie for its beautiful photography, the 90s nostalgia, the continuous referring to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy is the name of his talking hamster, with the voice of Isabella Rossellini) and the beauty of a teenage sexual awakeness.


Thursday 16 June at 7:00 PM

Friday 17 June at 4:30 PM

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Miss Bulalacao (Philippines, 2015)

Miss Bulalacao is a dark comedy about how a gay boy got pregnant by aliens in a small filipino village. The story starts with a drag queen beauty pageant during which the protagonist, is been asked what is the essence of being a woman. His reply is: motherhood. From there the story revolves around if this could be true or not.

The story results interesting especially because of the different reaction of the village inhabitants and different implications on what makes someone a woman.


Saturday 11 June at 4:30 PM

Monday 13 June at 9:30 PM

Mubansô (A Cappella) (Japan, 2016)

A Cappella explores the love and the struggles of a young student during the late 1960s in Sendai, Japan. Kyoko is a high school girl who participates to campus protests: she founds an “Anti-Uniform Committee” and joins a rally at a university. One day, after some violent clashes within two radical students group, meets the university student Wataru, discovering love and sex for the first time.

We would like to recommend you to go and watch this movie because, besides the fact that we couldn’t find any LGBT reference about it (sic!), it is one of the very few movies in this festival featuring asian girls and it also gets into the deep about anti-conformism protests and girls standing up for their right to freely express.


Sunday 12 June at 4:30 PM

Sunday 19 June at 2:00 PM

When: 10-19 June 2016
Where: Quartier Cineart, EmQuartier, Sukhumvit 33, Bangkok
Tickets: 160 Baht OR have the chance to win free tickets here.
Near: BTS Phrom Phong
More info and events schedule on their website

Queerometer: 5/5 – I mean, there is not the word Queer on it, but we are pretty sure there will be quite a lot queer vibes there.


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