*Veganerie’s cinnemon roll, photo credit: Elli & Faz

Elli: Hello everyone, and welcome back to Eating Out Vegan!

Faz: This week we’re looking at Bangkok’s first exclusively vegan bakery, Veganerie.

Elli: This was one of the first places we sought out after coming to Bangkok. Actually I think we went to their flagship store in Mercury Ville (Chit Lom BTS) on our first day here and immediately got a membership card.

Faz: We get recognized at that store on a pretty regular basis. They also have a small stand in the Em Quartier food court (BTS Phrom Phong). It’s right outside Gourmet Market, near the big glass doors leading to the courtyard. It’s not very visible and is located right in the middle of a bunch of other cake stalls, so keep a close look out or you’ll miss it. This stand doesn’t have all of their products, but is a good place to stop by if you just want some take-away cakes. The restaurant in Mercury Ville has other ‘main courses’, including vegan sushi.

They also have a small stand in the Em Quartier food court (BTS Phrom Phong)

Elli: Okay, enough logistics, let’s talk about our favourite things to get at Veganerie!

Faz: Okay, but this post should be limited to the baked goods, because their ‘main’ courses deserve a post for themselves.

Elli: Agreed. The first thing I have to mention is their cinnamon rolls. Usually when I think of vegan desserts, I think of cakes, cupcakes, muffins…you can’t find vegan cinnamon rolls anywhere else in Bangkok (except for my kitchen). I always try to get some when I pop by. If you take them home, heat them up for a minute and they will become small buns of cosy goodness.

Faz: Next, the cakes. I know what you’re thinking and yes, don’t worry, they all have delicious icing. As with non-vegan cakes, the icing is actually my favourite part. Standouts for me have to be the banoffee pie (they use real banana, and it really works) and ‘red velvet’ (while they use a non-traditional raspberry flavour for the base, the cake does have a delicious light vegan ‘cream cheese’ icing). Their chocolate brownie is also rich and nice accompanied by a cup of coffee.

Elli: I am quite partial to the chocolate fudge cake, which tastes like a creamy chocolately cheese-cake. This comes in a gluten-free version as well!

Veganerie does have an emphasis on health, which means some of their products, like the carrot cake and chocolate brownies, can be made sugar free.

Faz: Neither of these products are as good as their original versions. In general, I do wish that the cakes were a little bigger and more luscious; they are more of a snack than a decadent indulgence.

Elli: Yeah, Veganerie does advertise themselves as “Healthy”, “Clean-Eating” and “Low Sugar”, which jars with my experience of their cakes as a delicious treat rather than something I would eat for health reasons. It kind of reinforces the stereotype of vegan food as being only for people who want to eat “healthy” and makes veganism not as widely accessible as it should be.

Faz: And I do have to say that their coffee could be better. Which makes me sad because their barista has a sweet Justin-Bieber-hair and gauges and is pretty friendly. Sorry, cute barista!

So, how queer-friendly is this place?

Faz: A few of the servers look pretty queer, and gender non-conformist (is that a term?). I really enjoy that aspect.

Elli: And it’s passed the most basic test: no one has ever given us weird glances for being an obviously lesbian couple. In fact it’s one of the places in Bangkok where I feel I can be most open about my sexuality.

Faz: That being said, their small restaurant and food stand are better for take-aways or a quick dinner. There’s not a lot of privacy.

Elli: Definitely. I am very grateful for Veganerie’s existence, and it remains one of my most frequently visited vegan eateries in Bangkok.

Faz: Let’s go there tomorrow for a cinnamon roll and vegan sushi?

Elli: Heck yeah. Part two of the Veganerie review is coming soon.

Vegan Yumminess 3.5/5 – this is by far the best place for Western-style vegan desserts in Bangkok – reliably yum
Queerometer: 3/5 there is a general air of queerness and a great place for a lesbian date, but little opportunity for queer community-building

Where: Veganerie, Mercury Ville, Ploenchit Rd., Bangkok
When: Open daily, 8am-10pm
Near: BTS Ploen Chit

More info and events schedule on their page