*Photo credit: GynePunk via Vice

Do you wanna know how “a collective of radical bio-hackers and TransHackFeminists ” are and how they are “out to reclaim gynecological medicine for those women, and for themselves”?

Well, you better come to Jam this Tuesday evening and see it with your own eyes!

This cyber-feminist event will feature a noise music performance and two presentations: one about an autonomous-research project about the history of gynecology, ejaculation glands (yes ladies, they talk about squirting!) and Skene, the gynecologist whose name is used commonly to describe these glands.

The other one is a super interesting presentation on DIY-DIT accessible diagnosis labs and techniques if self-gynecological diagnosis, with a hack-cyber-feminist vibe.

Honestly we decided hands down that it was an incredible event to not miss as soon as we read the word TransHackFeminists.

Did you as well? Good- see you there!

Program of the night:
8:30 – AnarchaGland & Gynepunk presentation
Audiovisual journey through the history of GYNECOLOGY and ANATOMY memory of our bodies and a radical proposal body decolonization

10:00 – AnarchaGLAM Performance
A visceral scream an infectious viral call to memory bodyperformance.

10:30 – DJ Maehappyair (Go Grrrls)

When: 24th November 2015, 8:00 pm
Where: JAM, 41 Charoen Rat Soi 1, Bangkok
Price: Free entry
Near: Surasak BTS

More info and events schedule on their page

Queerometer: 5/5 because a bio-hackers-feminists performance in Bangkok has been out wet dream since years!