*Photo credit: Meet the Beavers via Mefeedia

This 2013 film by Ana Grillo and Beth Nelsen is a documentary about a place called Camp Beaverton, the first and only all women’s, queer, trans-inclusive, and sex-positive camp held at Nevada’s art and music festival, Burning Man.

Burning Man itself is known as an oniric and absolutely incredible festival. Placed in the middle of the Nevada desert, it is a true celebration of radical self-expression and inclusion. Additionally, Burning man functions on a gift-based economy and a leave-no-trace policy. This documentary will allow us to experience this unique queer community, inside one of the biggest and most exceptional events in the world.

Get some queer-burning-women anticipation with the trailer here:

If you pass by Chiang Mai this October, go and watch it at the Documentary Arts Asia. The director Ana Grillo will be joining us for the screening and answering questions after the movie.

When: Thursday, October 15th 2015 – from 7:00 pm
Where: Documentary Arts Asia, Khai Muk Soi 4, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Price: Free
More info and events schedule on their website

Queerometer: 5/5 – It doesn’t get more queer than the steampunk Beavers!