Are you an irremediably shy gal and your gaydar has broken jumping out of the closet?

If your phone has become the natural extension of your hand and you think that the dating websites are too “last decade”, the fabulous world of apps will become your next obsession.

Why apps? Well, first of all you can have a real time a glimpse of girls moving and breathing around you, thus avoiding the use of your broken gaydar. Secondly….wait……is the first point not enough for you?

Unlock your screen saver and train your fingers for tons of swiping!

Wapa (ex Brenda)

It might not have the sexyest name in the world, but Wapa (former Brenda) is the most famous lesbian dating app on the market right now and it works quite good in Thailand as well.

It’s still a mystery why from a terrible name in English it has been renamed with a questionable Spanish name, but it is the problem solver for all the girls without a functioning gaydar and/or too shy to ask “hola wapa, k tal” to a stranger girl face.

Wapa (which means cool/smart girl in Spanish) basically is the Grindr for gay women: it gives you a wide glimpse of any queer women staying near you, with free possibility to chat,see and exchange pics with any of them.

The cool: It’s a real-life gaydar, therefore you can see how many meters you are from the next girl, plus you don’t need to “match” to talk as with Tinder. Secondly, being the most used lesbian app in the world, you can find almost all the scene of the city in there.

The bummer: there is a high chance to meet weird people: sending awkward (mostly naked) pictures, guys pretending to be girls or even girls searching for threesomes with their boyfriends. Anyway, the app’s aim is to be a safe and just-for-girls space, but we all know that the internet is full of weirdos, and this app is not immune from them.

Tips: do not, and I repeat, do not send pictures of your private parts to strangers. And if you are a guy, please use another app to try to hook up with girls – thanks!


Raise your hand if you never heard about this app before. If you don’t know about Tinder you are probably living on the moon (on the dark and without internet side) or you don’t have a smartphone – in that case, drop everything and go to get one!

This app is not only very good for heterosexual one night stands or creepy threesomers, but works pretty well too for queer women who want to date, a jolly casual sex or seeking friends.

By swiping right (if you like the profile) and left (if you don’t like it), you will be able to chat only with people you matched with – which avoids the awkward moments where creepy girls (or better, creepy guys with girls profile images) bug you with unwanted chats or naked pictures.

The cool: if “swiping right” has become a common phrase to say about someone which is totally fuckable, it means that if you are not on Tinder you better be right now! (download it here). Upload your best facebook pictures, share your “tinder moments” , write a catchy caption and enjoy the game.

The bummer: many people said that it is not possible to find long term relations on it, but only one night stands – I say that depends and it’s a pretty cool ego booster, after all. Something that bugs me it’s that Tinder internal chat sucks, especially because not all the messages from your matches are popping up, so you are better to switch quickly to other chat platforms.

Tips: recently Tinder has released an upgraded version called TinderPlus where, by paying 324.03 THB/month, you can change your location or rewind your last swipe. Do you want to know how to hack it and change your location for free? Read till the end this article till the final hack-techy-tips!

Ok Cupid

Probably the most complete dating app (and website) in circulation right now. It’s an app for all kind of sexual orientations, but with a vast glimpse of options to set up your preferences.

The cool: In this app you can write extensively about all your interests and goals of life, besides uploading multiple images and set up gender and features preferences. By replying to some general questions, the system matches you with people who shares the same view of life – cool, right?

The bummer: the flip side is that it provides many different options of matching, so it’s more difficult to use and requires much more time to create a decent profile (who needs all this writings, anyway?). Another downer part is that if you want to know who liked you, you need to pay for the premium version, plus there are also many internal ads.

Tips: let’s all remember that less is more – don’t overwrite about yourself and use this app as an excellent add on meanwhile you are using all the other apps. Or just leave your phone in your pocket and talk with one of the beautiful ladies around you!

Apps-hacking-tips: wanna check which chicks are swiping on a different destination than yours? Do you want to prepare the field for a hot evening on your next holiday destination? You can download this Fake GPS app (for Android only) and use it combined with one of the above mentioned apps. Are you ready to became a queer-techy-dating goddess?

What do you think, girls – what are your favourite queer apps? Any weird / awesome experiences with one of these online dating websites or apps? Anything new on the Asian scene? Let us know here or drop us a line!