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As you may already know, Thailand’s aim is to become the most LGBTQ+ friendly country in Asia. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched a promotional campaign in this direction, along with the promotion of ‘Thainess’, called Go Thai Be Free.

Who can deny that Thailand has a really good chance to become one of the Asian hubs for the LGBTQ+ community? Thailand has one of the highest number of transgender women in all Asia, plus the tourists coming for the sake of this community, are continuously increasing. Just passing by on a normal day during the week in Silom Soi 4, you can feel it. There are tons of bars, discos, nightlife for gay men.

Yeah, but where is the entertainment for women? Not that this gap shocked me excessively: it’s not a mystery that girls-who-like-girls places are always few in respect of our gay brothers. What made me perplexed is that with the numbers of queer Thai and foreign girls who are living and passing through Bangkok, there were no spots to meet up – at least visible to the general public – in any place in Bangkok.

Let’s take a step back and think about it:
where all the queer ladies are possibly hanging out if there are not special places for them?

The same question could be addressed also if there was a lesbian club, I mean, is a lesbian bar actually a spot where you usually meet quality people?

It’s not a mystery the fact that if you look for girls who like girls and having great fun, a lesbian bar is probably not the place where you want to hang out regularly…at least not all the time and not with all your friends, right?

Where then?
A few years ago there was one, solitary bar at RCA called Zeta Club where only girls were allowed to enter – but it closed, same as all the other lesbian-only clubs in the city.

So, do you think there aren’t any apparent signs of life from the queer women community in Bangkok? Are you looking for some fun at a cool party or a nice bar where you can meet queer women and at the same time hang out also with your straight friends or male gay buds?

Worry not – we have you covered!

After years of research and discoveries, we came up with this quick, but not definitive, guide for the lesbian and queer friendly places in Bangkok, where you, your girlfriend and your bunch of friends from any sexual orientation can have fun and possibly meet other like-minded people.

The Queer Women focused parties/places

Praise to the inventor of the queer parties! There are plenty in Bangkok, most of them just recently popped up in the city, and I have the feeling that more are to come. The cool part of these gatherings is that they can be set in any bar of the city, create expectation and excitement because they are not always there, and, most of all, they periodically gather the whole Bangkok queer scene in one spot.


Go Grrrls

Embrace yourself for the best indie-rock-queer-bois&girrrls-kickassesbeats party in town ladies! This one and half years old monthly gathering is becoming an iconic place not only for the queer women (and boi) community but also for all the lovers of music and crazy dancing!
What to expect: with cool hits which span from electro-rock from the 80s and 90s, all girls bands hits, and cool notes from artists like Charlie XCX, Beyonce’ and Madonna, be ready to shake your booty all night, along with bucket cocktails and tons of queer and queer friendly cool peeps.
More info and map

Vibe Party

A blast from the past for this recently re-launched party. Vibe was basically the one and only lesbian-bi-queer gathering in Bangkok 4 years ago, when the scene was only revolving around the bangkoklesbian.com website when Tinder was not yet available.
What to expect: a fun party with the LBTQ+ community of the Big Mango, with plenty of time to dance and also quiet places in which to talk and socialize with other women. With drinks and music, the party aims to create a safe and fun environment for girls, and for the ones that are not quite out of the closet yet.
More info and map


Lesla Party

Welcome to the mother of all Thai lesbians party! This huge and Thai girls oriented party is exactly what you expect if you imagine hundreds of Thai queer women getting tipsy on a Saturday night and ready to go crazy.
What to expect: Embrace yourself for a glimpse of lesbian Thainess! There are very limited numbers of foreigners there, so you need to utilize the few Thai words you know to order a drink and make friends. The night is usually plays house music, has funny games and Thai live music.
More info and map

Bangkok LGBTQ+ social group Meet Up

Is not a physical place but a virtual meet up group, which organizes weekly gatherings among the LGBTQ+ community.
What to expect: once you sign up on the Meet Up you will receive notification about their activities, which spans from LGBTQ pool parties, community lunches and dinners and nights out at the cinema.
More info on Bangkok LGBTQ+ Meet Up

The Gay Boys Places that Welcomes Girls Too

If you cannot wait for the above listed parties, or you want to have a stress free night out, what’s better than to indulge in one of the many gay boys bars that the Siam capital can offer? Welcome to the gay sin city…where queer women show up as well!


The Balcony

One of the most famous gay boy’s bar in the “gay district” Silom Soi 4. Here you can sit and enjoy the gay atmosphere meanwhile sipping good drinks. And, check out the crowd as sometimes lesbians show up too!
More info and map


Telephone Pub

Exactly opposite of The Balcony, this other gay boy bar offers some cheap drink options and chit-chat corners. It is called telephone because of the old fashioned method of communication between the inside tables (now not working anymore) and it offers also a karaoke room on the 2nd floor.
More info and map


DJ Station

Called the Babylon of the gay scene in Bangkok, DJ Station is the disco your gay buds want to land at at the weekend and where you want to go to shake your ass off till late! Upon entering you get two, and I repeat two, free drinks and the possibility to dance among gorgeous half naked Adonis, lit by green lasers in a huge space spanning two floors. You might well be the only girl in the club, but the fun is guaranteed and if you spot another girl, it’s highly possible she is a queer fella.
More info and map

The Queer friendly places

It is probably true that you can find the right people in the places where you like and hang out, especially with your friends – just because at the end it doesn’t matter about your sexual orientation, but just your personality. Here’s a list of places that are very queer friendly, not only in terms of people hanging out there but also for the activities organized, the mood and the ambience. Your straight friends will thank!



A hideaway in a small corner near the motorway in the surroundings of Surasak BTS, the cozy JAM bar offers a vast agenda of queer activities not only regarding sexuality, but also in terms of weird and underground sounds, art, and video. The crowd is jolly, queer in the wider sense, very arty and often mao maak (very drunk).
More info and map

23 Bar & Gallery (Chinatown)

NOT to be confused with Bar 23 (Sukhumvit 16), this small bar and 2 floor gallery shophouse, is one of the happening places to be in Chinatown. Opened up by the former owner of Bar 23, it’s basically a smaller copy of the old bar, but with more of an artistic touch. With a grungy, hipsteresque feel, this is the place to go to chill, spill and thrill.
More info and map



Wonderful Thai Friendship aka WTF is a gallery-bar near Thong Lo street which promises you kick ass cocktails, great art exhibitions on the three floors upstairs and themed nights. Chilled out during the week, it’s a hipster hub with a sparkle of alternativeness and queerness at a glance.
More info and map


Dark Bar

A new entry to the constellation of late night clubs, Dark Bar is smaller than your living room but promises quality DJing, pretty decent drinks and an alternative Thai scene which loves to party like no tomorrow. Best place to make new friends:on the stairs right in front of the club and in the queue for the toilet.
More info and map



Brace yourself night owls, for the one and only “till morning lights” bar where to get drunk surrounded by all the most weird and nevertheless interesting pieces of humanity that Bangkok can offer after 2 am. Don’t expect a friendly Mr. Wongs, but do enjoy the melting pot of people and the crowd that comes out from all the clubs closing early. High chances to meet queer-as-fuck,as well as queer-when-drunk people.
More info and map

There are more events, activities and places which perpetuate the queer and queer women culture in Bangkok. Where? Our website is aimed to reply to all your questions – so stay tuned and also let us know you favourite places and events here below or by contacting us.

We are looking forward to get suggestions from you!

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  • ysa_a says:

    hey is there a contact number for the sukhumvit branch?

  • Stephane de Charnage says:

    Hi There! Just to tell you I opened a massage place. It’s opened (322/353 Yu Charoen) next to the R3 sauna recently opened behind Fortune Town. It is a very small place, 5 beds, but we do offer high quality services from thai massage to oil massage. i have been creating a special massage that I called ObOon, which is a sensual massage, much slower than regular oil massage and the masseur will be playing with the whole body sensually and without inhibition.
    We offer as well Organ I and II which is visceral organs massage for Organ I and a sexual parts massage for the Organ II.
    Recently I opened a place for girlz, as the lesbian community is growing and wanting more place specific for themselves. I do operate myself (french) at the sukhumvit branch (321/1 sukhumvit soi 31). anymore info please don’t hesitate to contact me thank you.

    • Mary says:

      HI Stephanie I will be in Bangkok on Sunday evening and leaving Monday and I’m interested in one of these massages.

      Please contact me!

  • Stephane de Charnage says:

    Hi, I’m Stephane de Charnage, proud Owner of Dr. Bear Massage.
    We offer quality massage service for men for about 2 years in the back of Fortune Town 50 meters away from R3 sauna. We are specialized in Sexual Health and have a signature massage called ObOon (warmth in Thai).
    We had a demand for women as well so i just opened a place for them in the back of Sukhumvit 31.
    We offer same services as Rachada but serviced by women masseuses.
    Organ 1 and 2 is our specialty. Organ 1 is about visceral organ (liver, stomach, intestine, colon, pancreas etc..) and Organ 2 is about reproductive organs as for male : prostate (external), testes and penis; and as for woman, uterus, ovaries and breast (all external). Our massage techniques are based on Taoists traditional Chi methods.
    I would love to create some adverts in your site or get some clues about where to spot the spot!