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Welcome to the mother of all Thai lesbians party! This is most likely the biggest Thai girls oriented party in Bangkok, and Thailand. The crowd goes from Tom-Dees, to lesbians, queer and all the colours of the rainbow. This is exactly what you expect if you imagine hundreds of Thai queer women getting tipsy on a Saturday night and ready to get crazy.The night is usually made it through with house music, funny games and Thai live music.

Tips: if nobody approaches you at the bar, try to roam around the party: usually people are mingling in small groups around tables full of SangSom (Thai rum), mixers and ice buckets. If you are alone try to get invited at one of the tables, if you are in a group find a table and imitate the alcoholic Thai traditions. After the first bottle we guarantee that the language gap will not be a problem anymore!

Where: different clubs and bars in Bangkok. Stay updated by checking our What’s On page
When: Monthly
Near: BTS Ekkamai

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Queerometer: queering it in Thai way.

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